若くしてそのカリスマ性を発揮し、「TETSUO」「SPECIAL GUEST」「7DOWN8UPPER」とそれぞれ常に時代の最先端を走るチームを牽引。コンテストやバトルで輝かしい成績を収めてきた。
He has shown his charismatic existence, although he’s young, and led each of three teams which always are very much on the cutting-edge, “TETSUO”, “SPECIAL GUEST”, “7DOWN8UPPER”. He has had bright results in contests or battles.

Twiggz aka Young Styler Ripper
A dancer who leads Japanese KRUMP scene. He invests effort in training dancers from kids to adults, and is also engineer of expansion KRUMP scene. He who learnt KRUMP from its original country evolves more in DANCE@HERO.

He who has a lots of impressive records inside and outside Japan is a prince of HOUSE scene. People can’t talk about HOUSE without his. He always breaks fresh ground of dancing with his potential.

BASE HEADSとして数多くの活躍を魅せるHIPHOPシーンを代表する一人。有名アーティストのバックダンサーなどのメジャーシーンでも活躍するなど、活躍の幅を常に広げている。
He who is active in many scenes as “BASE HEADS” is one of representative of HIPHOP scene. He goes on expanding into his activity like do back dancer of popular artists.

He’s active in lots of scenes with his unique world view. He who is esteemed as a back dancer, choreographer and director will show great stage in DANCE@HERO.

He has a many impressive records in contests as “HAMUTSUN SERVE”. He who is also known outside Japan traveled around the world and gets supreme supports from lots of fields. He goes on the stage of DANCE@HERO through his activity on a world scale.

She beautifully manages several dancing through BALLET, JAZZ and HIPHOP. Unknown number of dancers are influenced by her because she is active into producing events by herself as she does back dancer of famous artists.

He makes an impression and laughing with his original aura and style which no one imitates. He is making an impact to dance scene. The fusion of music and BREAKIN from his fine body will create emotions.

チャンプル時代圧倒的な人気を誇ったKoRocKのリーダーで現在は活動の拠点を東京に。1st SEASONで出し切れなかった力を3rd SEASONでは発揮することができるのか?!更なる進化を遂げたメンバーで再挑戦!
He who is a leader of KoRocK which gets overwhelming popularity works in Tokyo now. Can he show all his power in 3rd SEASON?! He challenges again with his members who evolve more!

若手HIPHOPチーム「Bounce back」に所属。数々のコンテストで輝かしい功績を残し、瞬く間にその名を広めた実力派。若くして高い経験値を誇る彼らがDANCE@HEROの舞台で華麗に舞う。
He belongs “Bounce back”, younger HIPHOP team. He had an impressive records in lots of contests, and popularized his name in the blink of an eye. They who have high experiences at a young age will sparkle in the stage of DANCE@HERO.